when you're secretly a mermaid

One of my favourite things about writing this blog is when people bring cool/unusual/unique things to my attention. This happened recently, in the best possible way. Guys, I was invited to participate in a MERMAID CLASS.

Here's how this goes down: you sign up for the class, head to your local pool (in this case the YMCA on Argyle) and they outfit you with your mermaid tail. There is a selection of colours and sizes, of course (you can buy one if you're smitten). Your instructors will then go through some basics of mermaid swimming, mermaid tricks - all kinds of mermaid activity.

There are a lot of ways to approach this. When I arrived, I caught the tail-end (haha) of the children's class, and one little girl was having basically the best birthday of her entire life. I truly think that both boys and girls would probably get a huge kick out of this.

For the teens/adults, I would separate out the audience into two groups: those in it for the novelty factor, and those in it for the fitness/mermaid life.

For the novelty folks, I think the best bet would to get a group of friends together and book a date. Bachelorette OR bachelor parties would be really fun, or birthdays. Of course, it would be fun even just with one or two friends, but I think taking over the pool for your own personal mermaid party would just be extra. They have packages for parties!

This class is also a pretty decent workout! I didn't push myself super hard because I am more of a loungey, relaxed mermaid, but dang. I get why some people get monthly passes. It's fantastic exercise. Right now the classes are only Saturdays, but maybe that will expand in the future.

The whole experience was one of those things that would have interesting and fun no matter what, but the fact that I am currently 7 months pregnant added a new dimension to whole thing that just made it extra hilarious. I was a super round, floaty mermaid. It was pretty great.

baby mermaid in training.

baby mermaid in training.