when you rob a bank and are on the run from the cops

It's January in Ottawa, and the desire to enter hibernation mode is STRONG. We live in a city with access to UberEats and a world where Netflix exists, and the outside world seems hostile and unappealing. I GET IT.

But without even touching on the 3824 things happening in Ottawa in conjunction with Canada 150, Ottawa is a city that is really good for giving people reasons to go outside. No small feat for a city that is regularly colder than Mars. 

One fun thing I tried recently is a new escape room that has recently opened on the west end, Unlocked Ottawa. I completed their Krylon Crew room. It's unique in that it is competitive - my partner and I were bank robbers on the run, solving clues to secure our getaway while next to us in an adjacent room, the cops were hot on our tails, solving their own set of clues. The "cops" being friends of mine who aren't my friends anymore because I'm really competitive and they beat me in a game of wits. FRIENDSHIP OVER.

Not really, but the stakes do feel high. In addition to the 35 minute time limit, the added element of trying to be smarter and faster than your friends is pretty intense. I also applaud Unlocked Ottawa for some genuinely clever puzzles.

So! While I too hear the siren call of couch-sitting and Netflix-binging, leaving your house and social interaction are good things and this is one fun option that I highly encourage you all to try.