when you become addicted to boutique fitness studios.

I have never been a terribly physical person. I made half-hearted attempts at middle school athletics, but by high school, that internet thing really took off, and that was the final nail in my physical fitness coffin, for I had myspace followers to entertain and livejournal entries to write.

As a young adult, however, I came to the realization that grown ups need to do...something. Anything. It is part of being a responsible human. You pay taxes, you recycle, and you make at least feeble attempts at working out.

At various times in my life since, I have gone through many phases: runner, big-box gym member, Crossfitter. Today I wish to discuss my current situation, which is: the boutique fitness studio.

I am addicted to them.

I have not one, but three hangouts: Wheelhouse, a spin studio, Inside Out, a barre studio, and Pure Yoga. I buy 20 or 30 class-passes to each at a time, because I have an addiction and it’s a problem (but not actually).

It’s not just the workout that these sort of studios offer - it’s all of it. The spaces are beautiful. The instructors are beautiful. The workouts are beautiful. You feel beautiful simply by associating yourself with these places.

You enter the establishments and immediately feel like you’ve sat down at the cool kids table, despite how cool you may or may not actually be. You’re hip and trendy because you have walked through the doors to enjoy your boutique fitness experience.

These workouts feed your treat yo’ self mentality but - plot twist - they are ACTUALLY good for you.

Aside from generally liking the feeling of bein’ a fancy lady, each of the three places offer me something different - something I choose based on my mood and the day:

Wheelhouse is pure explode your lungs cardio, and you feel like a motherf*ckin champ afterwards.

Inside Out makes you feel elegant like a ballerina but like, one that has been set on fire.

Pure Yoga makes you feel like the most wholesome, perfect example of a human.

The neighbourhoods that house these places also factor in, obviously. Westboro/ Wellington West are notoriously hip places in Ottawa, growing more so by the day. After you are finished any of the above workouts, there are no less than 486 (by my estimation) trendy brunch restos you can go to get a $26 eggs benny with like, I don't know, quail eggs or some shit.

Anyway, this little three way fitness relationship I've been having has been my life for the last three months and guys...I gotta say, I think it's the one.