when you do a 3-day juice cleanse

As you may have gathered from my post about my exercise regime, I like to try new things when it comes to fitness/health, and this applies equally to diets. I have been vegetarian, I have been paleo, I have been Whole30. Want to have a discussion with me about any of these things? Because I have OPINIONS on all of them.

So when I was given the opportunity to do a juice cleanse from Renew Cold Press, I was ABOUT THAT.

I don’t do things like this halfway. The juice drop was happening on Thursday night, so I start cutting back on caffeine on Monday. I started eating vegetarian. By Thursday I was a decaf-drinking vegan: I was prepared to be a pure, wholesome juice vessel.

I got the juice on Thursday and my fridge looked like I was going to have a WICKED party, if all of my party guests were teetotalling hippies.

Friday morning I drank my weight in water, grabbed my daily allotment of juice and set out into the world.

The juices:

Renew starts your day on a high note. Juice # uno is DELICIOUS. It is a grapefruity gingery delight. I sipped on it over the course of an hour or so, reveling in what a precious child of light I had become.

The second juice...is a bit of a struggle, comparatively. This green juice swiftly became my daily nemesis. But I also acknowledge that it is probably the most nutrient-dense of the whole daily six-pack.

As a reward for drinking your veggies, you are gifted with the third juice: a spicy pineapple-pear vision of loveliness. This one really perked me back up and gave me new inspiration to carry on each day.

4 & 5 are also both good, a beet-apple deal and a carrot. The variety is nice.

The final is a maple-lemon chia that you can either finish the day with or sip intermittently. I liked this one, but I also liked those Orbitz drinks that came out in the 90s. I thought it was tasty but I can see it being a challenge for those who aren’t about that textured-beverage life.

The three day experience:

I really like to cook and I think my time cooking is well-spent, generally. But man, when you remove cooking, eating, and cleaning from your day, you have SO MUCH TIME FOR ACTIVITIES. I was productive AF the whole weekend.

I managed a barre class on Friday with relative ease, and my Saturday morning flow yoga class left me feeling like the finest example of human being to ever grace Westboro’s streets.

I did notice that if I went too long without drinking juice, I would start flagging. At some point on Sunday I fell into a pit of hopelessness and despair because my coffee table had too many papers on it. I then realized I hadn’t had anything to drink in over two hours. Drink your juice consistently, your water even more so.

All in all, it was a positive experience, but I will add that I had a lot of things in my favour: my stress is managed pretty well, and I had an easy going three days planned out. Our emotionally abusive el-nino weather was feeling particularly kind this weekend, and so drinking juice was refreshing and nice. I think all of these factors contributed to my success, and would consider them before trying a juice cleanse again.

Comments? Questions? Let me know below!