when you network at breweries

You could fill your days with networking-type events here in Ottawa. You could quit your job and live forever as a professional networker, and I actually think that might be a thing that exists.

I try and attend one or two networky things a month. It keeps me connected, but not over-busy. You may recall, I have like 600 fitness classes that I need attend, so...

The two I opted for this month are:

CSAE Young Professionals Meetup at whiprsnapr brewing co.

Networking for Nerds at Tooth and Nail Brewing Company.

The fact that they were both hosted at breweries was not a conscious decision but probably not an accident, either.

CSAE's meetup was a great event - I got a beer, a headshot, and I got to make the acquaintance of many people who are funnier and more charming than I am.

Networking for Nerds was an eclectic scene. Unlike CSAE's where I more or less knew exactly what crew I was rolling with, NfN had a pretty varied crowd. It had board games, and, quite randomly, a N64 set up with Goldeneye (1997). It also had PRIZES which I WON because I can rattle off trivia like a CHAMP. Topics I correctly answered pertained to Firefly, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, and X-Men, just in case you were wondering about my nerd cred. I won a gift certificate to Escape Manor (a blog post unto itself) & tax return services from Moe Tabesh CPA, CGA, (important).

Would recommend both to all - both the events, and the venues. Good folks, good chats, good beers. 

Have a networking opportunity to plug? Please share in the comments!