When you sign up for art parties all year

Due to my life being super weird at the moment, I have opened up my blog to guest entries, and so far, I am psyched about the results. There's a lot of cool stuff happening out there in this fair city of ours, and I am happy to share them.

The following is a guest post courtesy of CSArt Ottawa, an art subscription service featuring all-local Ottawa artists, and bringing art to Ottawa subscribers. 

You might have heard of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a.k.a ‘farm shares’. The idea is you pay a local farmer in advance, they use the funds to plant and cultivate, and then every week during the summer you get a share of the harvest. It’s a great way to get awesome veggies and connect with the greater community. What CSArt Ottawa does is the same thing, except instead of local veggies, you get local art!

Subscribers having a great time at THUNK!theatre’s show at Pressed

Subscribers having a great time at THUNK!theatre’s show at Pressed

This is our first season, and since September we have had a public Launch Party at Bar Robo, an exclusive subscriber-only concert with The PepTides at Gallery Recording Studios, and an subscriber-only performance by THUNK!theatre at Pressed. These events have been fun, interactive, original art experiences by all Ottawa-area artists and hosted by local businesses.

Live-recorded subscriber-only concert with The PepTides

Live-recorded subscriber-only concert with The PepTides

Our subscribers signed up in the summer to receive this ‘harvest’ of art experiences from September to May. Coming up in the New Year we’ve got a painting exhibition at Clover Food & Drink, a multi-media dinner event at Impact Hub Ottawa, and an outdoor poetry hike. Subscribers get tickets to all these events (including dinner!), as well as an original painting by Mark B. Stephenson, an original piece of ceramic art by Susie Osler, and poetry written and curated by Chris Turnbull. You can learn more about all these projects here.

So what does this have to do with you, if all our subscribers bought in advance? Well, we’ve re-opened our season to new subscribers for the holidays! From now until December 15th, you can get in on the rest of the season. We’ve got a package for couples, singles, and a 2-for-1 package for friends. Perfect as a Christmas gift for art lovers, but also a great way for you to get your winter socializing planned out, plus get some new art to take home.

A great side benefit we’ve noticed about CSArt so far is that our subscribers are really fun and adventurous people. So not only will you get to have fantastic art, you’ll get to have a good time with a funky group of friendly Ottawans.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that Ottawa is boring, allow us to change your mind with the amazing artists and patrons that live and work in Ottawa! 

To sign up for a subscription, visit us here!