when you attend a murder mystery night

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending an Ottawa Murder Mystery event over at The Red Lion. It was called “The Codfather” and it was hilarious.

I’ve never been to a Murder Mystery before - I imagined a glorified version of Clue, happening in the flesh. Well, it is basically that, and I am here for it.

We took our free popcorn and took our seats. Within minutes, a fast-talking zoot-suited man came over to chat. We would later learn that he was - of course - a suspect. A couple joined us at our table, which was nice. If you’re a little on the introverted side (as I am), it’s good to have back up to turn to as the various characters come up to your table to mingle and chat. 

The actors are entertaining and the storyline was amusing, but more than anything else, the bulk of the laughter came from the audience participation element. The newly engaged and people celebrating birthdays were particular targets, as was my husband, who bears a slight resemblance to our current prime minister. This led to an evening of selfies with strangers and many jokes at his expense. He’s a good sport, and as with everything at this event, you just have to go along for the ride.

I have but one critique: the name of the event suggested a slightly more Eastern-Canada vibe. The classic mafia setup was funny, but I felt like there was a bit of a missed opportunity to lean into some Maritimes-inspired characters.

Overall though, it made for an unusual and fun evening. I recommend it heartily, but I suggest having a drink first - best loosen up a bit for this one, especially if you’re one of the lucky ones who gets pulled into the fray.